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Why Choose an Interior Designer

Why Choose An Interior Designer?


  • A designer knows the sources and can help edit down the options and offer seasoned advice to steer you through the process.


  • Whether you're plagued by a lack of storage, a featureless room or poor traffic flow a designer is an expert in understanding color, scale, light and space concepts, and will know how to improve your situation.


  • A designer has access to furnishings and fabrics that are just available “to the trade” and will instantly know who specializes in what you're looking for, saving valuable time.


  • Instead of relying solely on off-the-rack items, a designer can add custom details and paint finishes that make your house an individual masterpiece.


  • A designer won’t succumb to trends that you’ll tire of in time but will create a timeless look you’ll enjoy living with for years.


  • A designer will give you advice on how best to spend your money now and plan for future phases of the decorating process.


  • There are lots of things that are hard to know and that can go wrong unless you've encountered them before. A designer will ensure you journey down a smooth and well traveled path.


  • Any design is only as good as its execution, a designer knows the best workrooms and trades-people, they have the connections, and the clout, to make sure the job will be done to your satisfaction.


  • Designers work with resources regularly, they have more leverage if something does go wrong to get matters resolved.


  • It's the designer's job to follow through on every aspect of the decorating process and make sure that all the elements have been completed to your satisfaction.


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