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People buy homes based on their dreams about how they would like to live, not their present reality. It's not a logical decision or intellectual experience for the buyer, it's an emotional one!

Vacant homes do not show well. They need to be showcased with on-trend furniture and accessories. When a house is empty buyers have nothing to look at but walls, windows, outlets, and the flaws. Houses need furniture for people to connect to them.
  • Staging helps buyers build an emotional connection to the property.
  • Vacant homes that have been staged sell approximately 78% faster than those that are empty.
  • Without furnishings in the home, the buyers have no frame of reference regarding how their  furnishings will fit.
Staging focuses on improving a property by transforming it into a welcoming, appealing, and attractive product to sell. Properly executed staging leads the eye to attractive features and minimizes the properties flaws.


A real estate agent can sometimes find themselves in a difficult situation: you want the listing, but you also need the seller to get the house up to it's optimum viewing condition. Telling them what needs to be done may be difficult while balancing the relationship. When staging the home, I look at the property objectively and can address concerns you might have.

Full staging includes cleaning, repairing, reducing clutter, correcting color applications, professionally placing  furnishings, showcasing the architectural features, minimizing attention on less desirable features, lighting, props, and art; all focused and targeted to the buyer most likely to purchase the property.

A seller should consider an investment of 1-3% of the listing price to get the home ready for sale. The cost of these repairs and upgrades will be far less than the cost of the first price reduction on the property. Money spent preparing the home usually gets the owner a $5 to $10 dollar return for every dollar spent.
If buyers can sense warmth, vitality, tranquility, and security - all sensations of cherished family moments - they're sold!

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